Change grid colour

Hello to everybody!

I ve succesfully managed to build the latest source of synfig on my linux mint 15.
Now i am getting to know the code and how it is organised.
I am trying to implement one of the easy issues.
here it is-> … issues/238
But i am kind of lost. I understand that it has to do something with the classes of synfig-studio/synfigapp : canvasmetadata and workarea
but i dont seem to get the logic behind it.
Can anybody help?

Hi tsiouTsiou!
I’ve recently noticed that you’ have forked the github Synfig repository, that’s great!

In synfig/synfig-studio/src/gui/workarearenderer there are different renderers that are called from workarea to produce the things that are painted on the Canvas window.
They are:
background <<< the one you want to modify
selected layers bounding box
bones setup
canvas renderer (layers render result)
dragbox (when selecting handles)
handles (included bezier lines, radius and tangent and angle connectors)
and timecode

Usually those renderers defines a render_vfunc which is the implementation of the virtual function for render on the GTK::Window

So you have to somehow pass the user defined colors for the background to that function.
The current best way to expose custom properties to user are these two:

  1. Settings dialog
  2. Metadata

Doing it by setting dialog would allow to setup a user background colors for the application and doing it by the metadata would allow do it using the canvas information.

Both ways are fine and may be complementary.

To touch the metadata you need to look at the metadata panel and to the canvas itself.
To touch the settings you need to look at app.cpp and dialog_settings.cpp in gui folder and to instance.cpp and settings.cpp in synfigapp folder.

Good luck!