Change a imported synfig file without influencing the base file

Hey everybody ! I have a problem with one of my project, I want to make template caracters, I want to use them in many project. In fact I already made them, they have bones and all. My problem is when I import them on a new project, I can’t animate them without changing the base file. I tried to copy paste but it don’t work either. That not all, some time the application crash and when I want to open the file I was working on, the application tell me she is not abble to open it. How can I solve these problems ?

When importing a file, you are not coping it but linking to it. That means you will have the same animation of your character in every file where you imported your base file (which I assume you don’t want).
The solution would be to make a copy of the base file and work with that every time you want to make a new animation. Working on only a true copy should also prevent the problem of one file not being able to open another file
Hope that works for you

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Yes that works ! Thank you a lot