cartoon premise - too rip offy?

First off, the new development version of synfig appears to be going just fine, aside from the little canvas resize fluke, but that is nothing. So… THANK YOU PROGRAMMERS WHO KNOW MORE THAN I! (the world really is counting on you, and not like how we lie to children that they are the future, I really mean it this time.)

I have done about 3 or 4 character models, all of which are the main characters for a cartoon show I plan on hobbying on for a good long while, and I’d like some input on the premise.
If the forum image insert thingy will cooperate then you might see a picture of one of the characters.

The animation style is based strongly off of Butch Hartman, and the show premise is derived from danny phantom.
A girl in Maine and her friend are awkward outcasts who are into weird junk. Such as occult studies, urban exploring (breaking into abandoned buildings to look and loot), and usual teenage stuff. One day after school they bust into an abandoned Odd Fellows Lodge. They were like the Masons, but not identical. The find a magical book and run off with it back to one of their homes.
They read from it and a weird electrical storm pops up and ghosts and weird crap pops out of it. They are terrified but calm down because it’s a damn cartoon and I don’t need no stinkin’ logic.
Later in the night the main character goes down stairs for a drink to find the colonial era german mercenary pointing a sword at her. She is terrified, he is a gentleman about it and apologizes, she faints and falls flat on her face.

It later turns out that he is the real life ‘headless horseman’ of the story Sleepy Hollow and they have fun catching ghosts and solving real world issues. The real world aspect being as realistic as possible; at one point one of the characters has to sign up for food stamps because their dad was laid off, etc.

So what do you think of the premise?

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