Cartoon Animator 5 and it's many features

Hello everyone!
I know this is my first post here but I’ve been seeing a lot of ads on YouTube for Cartoon Animator 5 and I’m surprised by the amount of very useful features it has.
The one that catches my eye the most is their “Motion Pilot” feature which allows you to animate simply by using your cursor for the timeline motion. It makes a lot of sense for quick turnarounds so I would like to suggest this feature for consideration on here!

I know the Synfig team is small and doing their best with the resources so thank you for even getting this program to such a useful stage. I use it on my study to learn motion graphics and I really do love having a good free after effects alternative.

Thank you team and to the community for bringing out learning content as well!

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Indeed this seems to be an interesting feature. I think this feature can be improvised/worked around in synfig since the animated character just follows the cursor.