Car wheels rotating

Hi all,
I’m almost new to Synfig and I’m trying to make a short animation of a car moving from left to right.

I’ve put the wheels on separate layers and I created 4 waypoints (with a rotation of 45° each one). So, first question: is it possible to “copy and paste” the waypoints from a folder to another one?

Question n.2: is there a way to make it better (and faster)? I guess I should use the “new layer→transform→rotate”, but I can’t find specific tutorials online.

Thanks in advance.

you don’t need to create 4 waypoints for angle 45 each. You can create 1 waypoint with angle 180. In my opinion the best way is to make rotate layer on top in wheel group, link position handle (that green little circle) of rotate layer with position handle of circle layer. Then animate rotate layer, if you want car moving from left to right set rotate leyer to angle -180 (minus is important). I hope i helped, in attachment you have an example.
wheel.sifz (2.17 KB)

Thank you so much :smiley:
It would be great to fin some more tutorials online about transform layer.

No problem :wink:
The best way to learn about transform layers is play with them, and read about it on wiki