Canvas Shuffle glitch

I have this weird problem with windows version. Actually, its not new. I’ve had it for a while…well, at least I noticed it when 63.01 came out.

Forgive me, because I probably won’t explain this right. But I’m going to try anyway.

It seems like when I have multiple keyframes, the canvas shuffles the image to the previous, and next key frames. It’s like it tries to display multiple keyframes at once, which make the current frame I am on a shuffled mess. This happens every time I choose to move a vertex or disable a layer for a while.

What I usually would have to do is click the (JMP) next to a different keyframe, then click back to the keyframe I was working on get it to look normal again.

This happens on my exported canvases. I haven’t tried it for the main canvas yet.

Idk if I’ve explained this right, but i can show you what I mean with pictures if you need to see them. This has been driving me nuts.

Are you working with exported canvases? I’ve had problems like this when working with those. Main canvas is not updated properly.

That’s a known issue. I’ve been searching the bug tracker because I remember to have reported it before. I even did a video capture to show the problem.
Unfortunately nobody is working on it at the moment.

Thanks anyway. 8)