Canvas Editing Issue

Hello! I’ve just started learning Synfig in the last few weeks and I’m very impressed with the program and the powerful tools it offers. Things have been going smoothly until recently as I have run into a frustrating problem: whenever I try to manipulate a layer’s vertices or tangent ducks, the ducks show up on screen in the location they were moved to, but the layer itself appears unchanged – Synfig does not render the new image. Details I’ve noticed about the problem so far:

It only appeared after I exported a canvas. At first I thought it was an issue with editing an exported canvas, but the problem also occurs in the root canvas.

When I open the program, I can actually edit normally for a short time. But soon (usually after only a few small changes) the problem occurs.

I can’t close the program normally when this occurs. When I reopen it, however, it recovers the file with the changes all properly rendered. So I can still edit if I close the program every two minutes, I guess?

I’m using the newest windows version, if that matters. Thanks for any help, I’m really baffled :confused:

Windows version could deliver that kind,of bug. Oh any case you can try this,workaround.
When it doesn’t update the render, save the file and revert to save. May be it could help you to continue editing a little more time.

Ok, thanks! (And sorry for the late reply…) At least I know it’s not an unheard-of problem then. Unfortunately, that “revert to save” trick seems to just freeze the program most of the time. I am learning to work around the issue, though – as long as I give each change a full 3-5 seconds to render it seems to work fine.