Canvas drag mouse button?

I recently found out that canvas can be moved by mouse wheel button. I’m using tablets for all work so I don’t have a mouse wheel or even a mouse. I’ve tried every setting I can find for tablets in Synfig but can’t get canvas drag to work.
Is it possible to get canvas drag to work without a mouse wheel? If so, how? If not I would very much like to be able to remap canvas from mouse wheel to some other button.

You can drag the canvas at the navigator panel with left click and drag action.

I remember to be able to emulate central mouse button by clicking on both left and right buttons at the same time. I don’t know if it works for all the platforms.


I know, that’s how I navigate canvas now. It would be much faster workflow if I could use a button.

In many apps, like Inkscape, canvas pan is done by middle mouse buttton+drag. This works with tablets. mmb doesn’t seem to be used for anything in Synfig, so why was mouse wheel button choosen for canvas panning?

I think mmb button would be more logical than mwb and include more hardware setups. Would it be hard to change?

I haven’t got a middle mouse button, only a mouse wheel button.

Therefore I think it would be better to make the button associated with this function easily configurable rather than arbitrarily changing it for everyone.

I agree.

Looking to the code the event that handles the canvas drag is the mouse button number 2.
From workarea.cpp:

1501 case 2: // Attempt to drag and move the window 1502 { 1503 etl::handle<Duck> duck=find_duck(mouse_pos,radius); 1504 etl::handle<Bezier> bezier=find_bezier(mouse_pos,radius,&bezier_click_pos); 1505 if(duck) 1506 duck->signal_user_click(1)(); 1507 else 1508 if(bezier) 1509 bezier->signal_user_click(1)(bezier_click_pos); 1510 1511 if(canvas_view->get_smach().process_event(EventMouse(EVENT_WORKAREA_MOUSE_BUTTON_DOWN,BUTTON_MIDDLE,mouse_pos,pressure,modifier))==Smach::RESULT_OK) 1512 if(is_mouse) 1513 { 1514 dragging=DRAG_WINDOW; 1515 drag_point=mouse_pos; 1516 signal_user_click(1)(mouse_pos); 1517 } 1518 break; 1519 }
According to Gtk documentation the button value of 2 is refers usually to the middle button: … ventButton

So I think that what you need to do (until it is user configurable) is to emulate the middle button via gnome settings.

That is very strange. I do have middle mouse button mapped to one of the pen buttons but havent been able to use it for panning in Synfig in any of the tablets I’ve tried (tabletPC, Intuos3, Bamboo). If I plug in a mouse I can pan with pressing the mousewheel.
The pen-button works as middle mouse button in every other application than Synfig. Inkscape as example uses middle mouse button for panning and there it works. So why not in Synfig!? Does it not use system settings for tablets?

Can anyone else with a tablet pan?

I would rather not emulate a mmb in gnome as I do have a mmb on my pen.

I would try to look for an old mouse without wheel (and so without middle button) to see if clicking both buttons at the same time it does emulate the middle button.

Apparently the code is right. It seems to use the middle button mapping.

When I used Ubuntu I remember one application to calibrate the wacom (Graphire in my case) and also to map the stylus buttons. I think it was possible to map it to the middle button.
I’ll try to do some tests on Linux Mint 12 but I think I need to install the wacom config tool.

Is this customizable in Inkscape?


I’ve got a Trust TB5300 tablet and I’m using Fedora 16 64 bit GNOME 3.2. I can move the canvas around in Synfig Studio 0.63.05 64 bit with no problems at all by pressing the button on my pen.

There are touch strips on the underside of the Wacom Cintiq that can be configured to scroll the canvas. :slight_smile: