Can't select layer

Sometimes i can’t select layers with pressing control key. Anyone faced this problem yet?

Hello Bala.

Did you disabled all effects (like blur) and checked if it works?
Did you let only this “unclickable” layer as active (all the other deactivated) and it works?

If not, it is worse than I thought. Could you provide a sample file and tell us what regions you clicked and it was not selected as it was supposed to?
Maybe there is a problem in the hit-check algorithm.

In a very rare occasion, in layers panel, ctrl clicking multiple layers to select layers doesn’t work. It’s not a common occurrence and seems to happen only in dev version. I haven’t faced this issue yet in stable version.

Hm… I thought he was talking about clicking on Work Area.

“Good” to know there is a problem on Layer Panel too :stuck_out_tongue:

No bro, i have talked about layer panel not work area. May be if that problem comes again i will send you that file. And also i have used a plugin with that file. May be that plugin cause for problem.

Sorry, now i checked it again. That is my 2gp ram laptop problem😅 not synfig problem. When i jumped between opened file it get stuck 2 or 3 sec. some times above 10 sec. And i am also trying to select that time😤.