Can't find avformat.h on build

My compile fails at this point:

Making all in mod_libavcodec

trgt_av.cpp:38:22: error: avformat.h: No such file or directory
trgt_av.cpp:40:29: error: ffmpeg/swscale.h: No such file or directory
trgt_av.cpp:90: error: expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before ‘*’ token

I certainly do have a header file, and package config file too:


There used to be other compiles of ffmpeg hanging around which I thought could be the problem, but have now removed them (make uninstall) so now I have no clue.

I’m on Debian Sid.

If anyone has any idea and could help me compile, that would be great.

I can’t help but I can tell you that you are not alone, see the thread in Building Synfig

On my Ubuntu system, built up from Ubuntu Studio, the “make” for Synfig Core also fails to find avformat.h I can get Synfig to install by using -i (ignore errors) during the process, but I have some limitations in the file render from Synfig.

Can you show us the 20 lines that preceded the error message?
And perform the following command:

locate swscale.h

(make sure the locate database is not too old).


If you have this problem, please test my attempt at a patch: … ibav.patch

Also submitted a review request: