Cant export as lottie?

when i try to export as lottie, i get this popup, i dont know what im doing wrong

Are you using linux AppImage/Snap/Flatpak?

Currently, there is an error when running plugins on unsaved files… Please save it first then try to run lottie plugin.

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oh thank you!! this did in fact fix my problem!!

I know this is more-so unrelated to this specific question but I am still needing help. I’m trying to use the lottie format to make animated stickers for discord. I was able to export using the lottie plugin but when I try to upload the program to discord via the sticker uploader, it’s saying unsupported file format. I know this is a long shot, but I thought i’d ask if you knew, just in case.

Well, I don’t use it, but…

Q: Why is my Lottie file not uploading?

This is most likely happening because you’re using a raster graphic inside your Lottie, which will throw an error. If you’re using a raster graphic, it would be better to upload them as a PNG as our library doesn’t support this right now!

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@gigi Was it the problem?