Can't animate

I’ve saved each character in separate SIFZ files. Let’s call them source.

Firstly, when you import source into destination SIFZ you can neither edit nor animate it unless it unless source is open alongside destination.

Secondly, even when source is open and though I can modify it, I cannot seem to animate normally in the destination file. However, modifying imported vectors in destination file also modifies the source, resulting in a destructive workflow.

Any way to get around this?

When you import a file into other you insert a reference. A referenced file must be open to be edited. You can edit the imported file form the importer canvas and the changes are effectively transferred to the referenced one inn real time. If you modify the referenced file there is not instant feedback to the referencer canvas. This is due to there are possible circular references in the feedback with the possibility of start an endless loop.
To effectively copy an existing file just open it, select all the stuff and paste it in the new file. Then it becomes independent of the original file.


So I either back up all my stuff or Copy/Paste. The latter sounds convenient. Thanks!

I still wish there was a faster method to this, though. And while we’re at it, I wish we had a Camera tool and Sound compatibility. :frowning:

Carefull, by using this “copy-paste” method from a Synfig’s file which contains a Skeleton, this function can become tricky ! By example: I can’t open the new synfig file where I pasted this stuff, Synfig report : "enable to load … <bone_valuenode>:2776:error: Unexpected element >bone_valuenode> …bad data in… is missing link… " even after having disconnected the pasted stuff from the bones or deleted the Skeleton in the original Synfig file.

Bones/Skeletons are a bit broken at the moment, lots of issues have been open on GitHub
A huge WIP!

Please avoid necroposting (8 years old post), I will lock the topic, if you need more info please open a new topic :wink: