Can't add layer to a set if its canvas was exported

Hi again,

I have another strange behavior with exported canvases. I am trying to add a layer inside of exported canvas to a set, but it doesn’t appear anywhere after I click ‘Add layers to set -> Give some name -> Export’. What is going on? Is it impossible to add a layer to the set after its canvas was exported?

To reproduce:

  1. Create a new region layer or any other one.
  2. Group it.
  3. Export canvas of that group.
  4. Now create an empty Group layer (New layer -> Other -> Group).
  5. Connect group’s canvas to the one you exported earlier.
  6. Now try to add a layer in the exported canvas to a set. Is it successful?

As far as I know, when you add a layer that is part of an exported canvas to a set, then the layer is added to the set of the exported canvas, not to the set of the original animation. You can check that by going to he canvas browser and by opening the exported canvas.

Thanks, I’ve just checked it and you’re right.
Unfortunately, this isn’t very handy, because there’s a need to open an exported canvas and then go to sets. So it can’t be used as shortcuts.