Cannot see my tablet in input devices


I am trying to set up my tablet to run on synfig. My wacom intuos 3 does not show up in the list of input devices. I am using ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat. I am new to ubuntu also as I installed it specifically to run synfig and blender. I have not installed any drivers for the tablet but the stylus seems to work as a mouse in the OS and in other applications.

Any ideas how to resolve ?


You shouldn’t need to setup the tablet specifically for each application. It is a system wide setup so you should rather try to get it working properly in Ubuntu.

Here’s a helpful page:

Thanks for the info rylleman. The command line stuff is a little beyond my linux skills at present. But I will check this out once I get my head around "sudo"s and all that stuff.

I remember your posts from the anime studio forum where I used to lurk. It seems there are quite a lot of us here !
I like your animations. Hopefully you will be able to use synfig in your future commercial projects.