Cannot render this gif, just froze

Hi, all. This is a simple animation I made. But Synfig is not rendering it. Just freezes, saying “not responding” every single time. Other animations were able to be rendered, but not this one.

I used “magick++” for gif output. Why is it happening? I am relatively new to this software and was looking forward to making some cool stuff, but then this happened.

Thank you.

What is your Synfig Studio version?
What is your OS (it seems to be MS Windows)?
Did you try smaller resolutions?

Could you share your problematic file with us (forum users or developers)?

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Synfig Animation 9 Girl 1.sifz (35.3 KB)

Hi, thanks for replying.

1- I am using version 1.4.4 (I think it’s the LTS version).
2- Windows 10 (64-bit).
3- It was 1080 x 1920. I’ll try with some lower resolution now.

I have attached the file. Thank you.