Cannot raise groups in the layers panel

Hi there!

As a new user of Synfig Studio I’m stuck with the Adding Layers Tutorial.

In the section Using layers to modify other layers the tutorial tells me to

select the group layer and use the “Raise Layer” button in the Layers Panel to place it on top of the circles

but in my version 0.63.05 of Synfig Studio, groups are displayed in a dedicated groups panel and appear no longer in the layers panel, although the contained layers are in fact shown there.

However, raising the contained layers on top of the circles has the unwanted effect of applying the group’s gradient to the circles below.

Is there another way to get the group on top of the circles or some kind of work-around to achieve the desired effect?

If not it might make sense to tell the developers about this restriction, so they can fix it in a future version, but I don’t know how to do that.

If, on the other hand, there actually is a different way to raise a group in version 0.63.05, then we might want to update the tutorial accordingly.

Thanks in advance for any hints!


From 0.63.05 to 0.64.0 (current) there have been a terminology change and now old groups are called sets and encapsulate have been renamed to groups. Please update to 0.64.0 or mentally replace them by the old names when reading the tutorial. Tutorials are updated to 0.64.0.

Well, my debian still has the old version in its repository, so I’ll have to “encapsulate” my rect and gradient.

Thanks a lot for the speedy reply!