Can we import image effects to synfig?

Hi all,

There are a lot of image effects , textures, etc that are in Inkscape which I would really love to use in my synfig studio…Could this be possible ? example by importing a drawing from inkscape to synfig? If so how ? for I tried but was unsuccessful.

Thanks in advance

no, synfig does not support this.

Did you try using using the sif exporter ? (this extension will be included in the inkscape 0.91 version)

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Not a typo … a “news” : Inkscape 0.49 will be 0.91

Thanks for your replies

I downloaded this:

SIF exporter extension for Inkscape

This provided me with a .sif extension…

The problem is that I can’t export filters , textures, etc

Would this possible with the new version ?