Can´t do the rendering right.

Hi Synfig users

My problem is that I can´t do the rendering of my animation. I choose for example .avi and in the target auto and I click render, then Synfig just automatically close all the windows.
Sometimes I tried other formats and Synfig accepted and was rendering, but I couldn´t find the file or the file was damaged and couldnt be opened.
I am using synfig in ubuntu, just so you know. I also would like to know the right combinations between the formats we use like avi, mp4, mkv… and the various target that we have.

                                                                                                                                    Thanks everyone!

Hi Saspitan!
First of all we recommend to use our binaries from our repository:
Second, when you choose .avi, please choose too ffmpeg on the drop down of targets. We have added the option to select video codec and bitrate when using that target.
Also, in the render dialog, press the “Choose” button to exactly place the render output where you can find it later. Default folder is not obvious sometimes.
Finally, when program crashes, it might be good to have run Synfig Studio from the command line so you can see if any additional information has been thrown. Also, Ubuntu version, Synfig Studio version and computer specifications might be useful in some cases.

What do the binaries?

Binaries are the executable files to run in the computer.