Can not save file

Try to use only Latin characters instead of ideograms your layers’ names. :wink:

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bro.thanks for your response.i change layer name with latin character and still can not save file.
then i create a new file and add layer with ideograms character name and it can save commonly.
so i still do not know what cause this issue.

Try closing / collapsing all folders before saving.

Can’t you save or render?

I try to save file after close/collapse all folders and fail.then i abandon that file and quit synfig. :sleepy:

cant save file and can render with losted content.

That’s odd :thinking: Is it possible for you to share the file?

of course.but it can save now when i recreate those spline layer with ideograms chracter name.
Test.sifz (3.1 KB)

Oh, lol well if it works now then it’s ok. I thought you were still having the issue

Haha.appreciated for your time.hava a nice day.l

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Do you know what you did differently to now be able to save it?

I don’t know.i do the same steps to add spline layer with ideograms chracter name.i can save it now but not then.



So you have a saved file, you remove a layer and then you can’t save it, right?

Could you provide me this file for investigation?

MyUI.sif (767.3 KB)

Yes.i edit the file and save it one time about each 1 hour.and can not save it after deleting an outline just now.then i close it and can not open it any more.

What version of Synfig are you using?