Can I suggest a commercial software to help with rendering?

I’m Fabi. I’ve found a way to render Synfig files using Synfig Studio along with a commercial software, in Windows. I would like to post my findings in the forum and in the tutorials, but I wonder if you consider it unappropriate to recommend a commercial software in the tutorials of an open source software such as Synfig. On the other hand, I would like other users to get a good quality animation in Windows as the one I got. I rendered a sifz file, in png separate images of a sequence, using Synfig. Then I put them together into a video using Apple Quicktime. I would like to show Windows Synfig users how to do it. What do you say? I look forward to hearing from you soon. Fabi

I guess that you are suggesting a way to build a movie after synfig has exported the image sequence. From my point of view there isn’t any problem on that but there is not room in this forum for this tutorial.
IMHO, we should promote open software basically what means that the source code is at last available and the license allows any kind of modification.
There is not any direct relationship between an image sequence (that can be obtained from several sources and one of them is Synfig) and the software that combine all the image sequence to obtain the movie, so there honestly there is not room here for a tutorial of a privative software. There are lots of privative software that can do that job. Each one has its own support page. I guess that any privative video editor forum would hold an specific tutorial to combine image sequence from Synfig. It probably would be just an image sequence.

Please don’t be disappointed with this comment but it is what I honestly think.

I like Synfig! cheers!

BTW, you could also do that in Blender. Which is free/open source.

Or you could use FFmpeg to do the same thing.
ffmpeg -i input_sequence_%04d.png output.mp4
You could of course add things like quality, size, audio and framerate to the command to get exactly the output you’d like.

Haven’t tried them, but - … eo-studio/