Can I pay the gumroad Tutorial withoud credit card?

Hello, I am new here :slight_smile: My question is: I have no credit card and want the German video course “Animationen in Synfig Studio erstellen”. Is there any possibility that I can get it without a credit card? Paypal, Online Banking, invoice or anything would be great. Thanks :slight_smile:

I have no idea what so ever about gum road but if you wanna learn animation on synfig and your a beginner you should visit yow khamardi in YouTube his tutorials are by far the best but they are in English. hope this helps

Do you mean how to get free tutorials? To my knowledge if a tutorial is paid for, it may be difficult to get before you pay for it, however there’s a lot of free tutorials on YouTube in English which you could opt for.

The point here is that paralipomena2 wants

  • German version, not english or another language
  • Pay without use of a credit card
  • Obviously the reason is more about to support Synfig as, of course, there are many tutorials freely available on Youtube even in German

Note that Gumroad’s version price starts at $1, which is symbolic more than an attempt of draining your wallet.

@paralipomena2 please contact directly @KonstantinDmitriev who may find a solution for you (a bit complex now for donations because of political situation) or you can even ask someone to do the transaction with a card for you and reimburse him afterwards :wink:

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BobSynfig was right with my wishes ^^ but the payment worked now. Thanks for your suggestions.

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Thank you for supporting Synfig :slight_smile:

@BobSynfig: No Problem :slight_smile: i don’t find khamardi and his synfig Tutorials on YouTube, can you send me a Link?

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