Can anyone open examples/walk.sif since 0.64.1?

I’m using windows 32 bit build and it crashes with the stable version (0.64.1).

Curiously, I can import the jpg image as well the lst file. But it crashes when trying to open the walk.sif file.


same issue here.

/usr/bin/synfigstudio: line 9:  2826 Segmentation fault      (core dumped) $PREFIX/bin/synfigstudio "$@"

Btw, The latest dev snapshot has the same problem. but the previous stable version, v0.64.0 works without any issue.

affect me also, (i have save a draft on this issue) ;;; crash “only” with cairo for me

synfig(4645) [20:17:06] erreur: CairoImporter::open() : Type de fichier inconnu -- jpg synfig(4645) [20:17:06] erreur: Impossible d'ouvrir /home/haricot/Vidéos/Animation/Cycle de marche/frame_01.jpg synfig(4645) [20:17:06] avertissement: Unable to get frame from "/home/haricot/Vidéos/Animation/Cycle de marche/animation.lst" synfig(4645) [20:17:06] erreur: Layer_Bitmap received a non valid cairo_surface_t synfigstudio: cairo-surface.c :840 : cairo_surface_destroy: l'assertion « ((*&(&surface->ref_count)->ref_count) > 0) » a échoué. Aborted

synfig / 0.65dev

I didn’t mention but the crash is with Software renderer. Can you confirm the crash with Software renderer or not? And please, can we stick to examples/walk/walk.sifz? Just to be sure that we are using the same JPEG file.

was with “walk” project downloaded from walk cycle wiki / page.

With Branch: master / Revision ID: 58286c, now segfault at loading time with either cairo/software with another output. The bug i had before (sorry i didn’t note the commit where i was) was crashing when playing not loading in cairo render only.

synfigstudio: /home/haricot/Sources/Synfig/synfig/install/include/ETL/_handle.h :277 : T* etl::handle<T>::operator->() const [with T = synfig::ValueNode_Const; etl::handle<T>::pointer = synfig::ValueNode_Const*]: l'assertion « obj » a échoué. Abandon

Thanks djay.

Which is your platform Jcome?

osx10.7 & fedora20