Call for writer : A Rendering walk through page !


Hello synfig community …

One page is very missing in the synfig wiki documentation : how to render with synfig.

In fact, we already have two pages “Render options” & “Render dialog” , but no one who explain how to simply render an animation step by step… and that’s could be very useful (for new users) to have it .

This page will be linked as next to Flower Animation page, in order to follow the learning path … so please, use the Flower Animation as example project if you do rendering screenshot.

So you, yes you … you can do it !
If you don’t feel easy to do it in one shot, write a draft responding to this message… or go to the synfig wiki and start to write there directly …

Exploring the forum, you will found a lot of tips & trick about rendering, this walkthrough page could a good receiver for them also…

By advance … thank’s !

Animation rendering