call for papers april 2014

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From: gisles <gisles.boudet@md…> - 2014-02-14 16:50:20

Hi All !

The festival “Amateurs-nés”,, is a meeting
between audiovisual teams in copyleft movies amateurs and the public.
This year, it will be in the 25,26,27 april 2014. It will take place in
Elven, a little town near Vannes in brittany, France.

The festival’s mission is to disseminate fiction film in free licence to
the public, it’s also a presentation of works and a meeting between the
realisation’s teams.

We encourage the use of free software, the exchange of knowledge and
realisation under free licenses.

In this terms, we have differents presentations. This last years, the
purpose was the copyright and the copyleft. This year, it will be
presented like a télévision production with some artists. But especially
a meeting about the human adventure that represents the réalisation of a
movie. We would like to invite some developpers of free software to
promote their works and facilitate the communication between this two

So it will be a great pleasure to receive one member of the KDElive
Team. Financially, we can take the travel and the meals. Participants
are housed in private homes. And important thing, we would like someone
who can speak french.

Marc-Antoine ARNAUD from joins us this year.
And, we will prepare together the scenario of this presentation.

Thanks for your interest.

Don’t hesitate to contact me

Gisles Boudet

as nobody will present the awesome progress for LGM14 … i’m thinking it’s could be interesting to do something there… oh … i speak french :slight_smile:
(i’m also thinking to do something for the about synfig )