Cairo workspace image visibility in canvas

I was working with a friend yesterday in Synfig and couldn’t figure out why image layers weren’t visible in the canvas layer. I was using both tif and jpg images. Is there a flavor that Cairo prefers or is this function still being worked on? I know Cairo in the workspace is super new and a appreciate all the hard work that everyone’s been doing over the past year. The results are amazing:)

Thanks in advance!


Are the images big?

Synfig takes a bit on loaing big images. So, wait a few of seconds.

There is a problem with Cairo and blur movement layer, too. With that layer the images behind vanish.

for me too, cairo in the canvas do not render images, my case :
KO - jpeg 458x339
KO - jpeg 2480x3507
KO - tiff
KO - gif

OK - png

<debian7 / lastbuild>
<ubuntu 10.4.4 / 0.64>

Nothing seems to be related to this in….
Thank’s for reporting!

Thanks for the quick response! No. They’re super small. They were reference images for me to trace. I’m able to see the images in the preview window but not on the canvas. If I turn off Cairo the image layers reappear.

I’ve used a lot of PNG images (render with GIMP) + Cairo and, just now, without problems.

Try with PNG file format and if the problem continue, post in the forum the image file with problem for check it.

For the moment, Cairo render only can import PNG format, I’m sorry :slight_smile:

Thx! Then PNGs it is:) Thanks!!!