Building Synfig using MSVC

Hi all,

I managed to build a somewhat fully functional Synfig using MSVC (except for ImageMagick dependency). I basically rebuilt all the dependencies from source, which was quite the chore, but I figured that if I were to write conan/vcpkg recipes, I would have to learn to do this.

As for changes to synfig, they were minimal.

Primarily, the hack used in “valuenode_registery.h” to register value nodes does not work with MSVC

As can be seen here:
Works with gcc: godbolt
Doesn’t work with MSVC: godbolt

I used a simpler method to replace it:

Also a couple of small changes to the CMake scripts.

The result is that building synfig with MSVC is as easy as passing the flags:
-DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH="${prefix}" -DLTDL_LIBRARIES="${prefix}/lib/libltdl.dll.a" to cmake. And Pkg config is used as in the MinGW build to find dependencies inside the prefix.

I will look into conan next as I think it’s a more viable option than vcpkg since there are missing dependencies in vcpkg, and conan is decentralized, and there is no need for any external approval.


Honestly being able to build synfig using MSVC would save a lot, especially for people like me who prefer to use it. So that’s actually great. I hope you end up fixing everything so that it’s completely buildable it would be really helpful. Its something I personally came into trouble with when first building synfig and I would assume it happened with many others.

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