Building Synfig using an arbitrary number of cores

I was wondering if it would be possible to choose the number of cores used to build.

In the script

In practice, can we add an option to set the value of MAKE_THREADS?
(if not already available)

And finally a quick note about “build.conf.sample” file in the root of source repository.

With this file you can tweak the number of threads used by the build scripts. Just copy “~/synfig.git/build.conf.sample” to “~/synfig.git/build.conf” and adjust its contents according to your needs.



Didn’t know that, even though I’ve read that page at least once :upside_down_face:

I had in mind something like:
./ [package] [phase] optional:[--MAKE_THREADS=N]
but that will do the job.

Thank you!

Normally, you set global exports/environment BEFORE invoke the script, it would be more:
MAKE_THREADS=N ./ [package] [phase] optional

In this very case, MAKE_THREADS is overriden inside the script (line 49), but it would work with DEBUG=1 as prefix (lines 56-57)


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