Building promblem

I’m am using windows xp and svn tortoise program. I got the svn files and I was wondering how do you build the code using windows tortoise svn? Make it simple please.

I don’t use Tortoise SVN. But even if I did, it would only download the sources for you. Compiling them is a whole different story.

Unfortunately, simple isn’t a word I could honestly use to describe building Synfig. It was developed under Linux and uses the linux tools to compile. Compiling under Windows requires jumping through many hoops. Having said that - it is possible.

Start here -
Ping me here or on IRC if/when you get stuck.


I really don’t like the software that had been suggested because it’s too unbelievable messy and I can’t seem to start it.
Is their anything else that can compile files that’s made by Linux on windows, it’s eazy to use and free?

Can you clarify it?

In other words how do I compile the code on windows without using the suggest software.
Visual Express 2008 c++ probably?

I don’t believe anyone has done that. You’d be on your own experimenting with it. Feel free to try it and post you questions here or on IRC, but don’t be surprised if there aren’t too many suggestions.