building old version in Windows 8

I have no idea what I’m doing. Literally no idea. I don’t even know if ‘building’ is the right word for it.
I have Windows 8, not by choice but by necessity, and because the current version of Synfig is a bit buggy I’d like to go with the older version to see if the bugs are still coming up.

I don’t know how to program, not one line. And only a short time ago, a matter of hours, I learned that Windows OS’s and .tar or .gz files do not get along well. Seems it was made for Unix operating systems. I tried to open the file with 7zip, but this is much more complex that I’d thought it would be.

What can I do here? Is this even building, or can I not see the forest because the trees are in the way?

Direct way (no one tested it on Windows 8 ):

  1. git clone the repository:
  2. Read the instructions and do exactly what they say there: …

Prepare some coffee and enjoy!

I see. Well, I got as far as around line 32 or so before cygwin and frustration got the best of me. It’s a lost cause.

or maybe not… I’m stuck on line 32 of the script in your link, and upon typing the command into the program, this is what comes up-

$ bash /cygdrive/c/synfig-build/synfig/autobuild/
/cygdrive/c/synfig-build/synfig/autobuild/ line 46: $’\r’: command not found
/cygdrive/c/synfig-build/synfig/autobuild/ line 47: $’\r’: command not found
/cygdrive/c/synfig-build/synfig/autobuild/ line 52: $’\r’: command not found
/cygdrive/c/synfig-build/synfig/autobuild/ line 53: $’\r’: command not found
/cygdrive/c/synfig-build/synfig/autobuild/ line 55: $’\r’: command not found
/cygdrive/c/synfig-build/synfig/autobuild/ line 63: $’\r’: command not found
/cygdrive/c/synfig-build/synfig/autobuild/ li/…: No such file or directorybuild/synfig/autobuild
/cygdrive/c/synfig-build/synfig/autobuild/ line 67: $’\r’: command not found
/cygdrive/c/synfig-build/synfig/autobuild/ line 71: syntax error near unexpected token elif' /cygdrive/c/synfig-build/synfig/autobuild/ li'e 71:elif [[ $TOOLCHAIN == “mingw64-x86_64” ]]; then

what does this mean?

Did you edited the script? If so, which text editor did you use?
Is Cygwin installed in the right place?

The script is unedited, Cygwin and the other required program are installed correctly (as near as I can figure), and the instructions were followed as given. I even tried with different variations of the same thing (such as adding or taking off .sh, etc.).

I had the same problem.
This is due to the way GIT is handling end of lines under Windows.
The line ending is CRLF, it should be LF only: $’\r’: command not found is here because of the CR character.
To solve this, you can open it with Notepad++ or any other editor having conversion of line endings feature and save it after change .
Edit -> EOL Conversion -> Convert to UNIX Format

Edit: This can also happen if you execute the git command in the windows console instead of the Git Bash as expected.

Which bugs were so persistent in the 1.0 or 1.1 version that you would want to go thru the windows building hell?