Bug report for mac os version

hi, guys, here some problems when I learning synfig, which affected normal operation. I don’t know if there some thing wrong with the version I used, please help to check it, thank you

1.Can’t drag layer to sort or drag into group in layer panel.

2.Export broken with mask (Alpha Brighten) Blend method.

  • with mask

  • without mask

  • SIFZ file
    sea3.sifz (21.8 KB)

System: Macos 12.6.6
SynfigVersion: 1.5.1
Development version:
Revision: 20230605
Branch: master
Revision ID: 0e662dd

Built on Jun 7 2023

Built with:
ETL 1.5.1
Synfig API 01.04.00
Synfig library 50
GTK+ 3.24.38
Apple LLVM version 14.0.0 (clang-1400.0.29.202)

Synfig 1.5.1
GTK+ 3.24.38

after more test layer by layer, export is working normally with disable the gradient layer.


Does the problem only happen with GIF export?

No, that’s the avi format with default settings, attachment did’t support avi format. :grinning:

Finally, I got my bottle color back after more testing.

Here is the testing steps:

  • test file
    gradient_test.sifz (1.3 KB)

  • a star shape behind the gradient layer ,these test not improve the result.

    • normal gradient layer

    • set the gradient layer point 2 alpha to 0.2

    • set default gradient layer opacity to 0.2

  • a star shape Front of the gradient layer , some one works.
    • normal gradient layer

    • set the gradient layer point 2 alpha to 0.2 :grinning:

    • set default gradient layer opacity to 0.2 :grinning:

I don’t know what’s that mean, but that’s works. :grinning:
here is all the export file with avi format if you need
avi.zip (1.6 MB).

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Thank you for your detailed report in the first and this last posts :slight_smile:

Sadly, reproducible on Linux too, including on master branch.

I’ll investigate it.

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Found the culprit commit: f44ff0a64636419ff9d9e223ca355319fd0388e7

It also seems to be the reason of this issue: Feathered Outlines (and Adv. Outlines) Look Broken on the Workarea at Lower Resolutions (1.5.0) · Issue #2274 · synfig/synfig · GitHub .

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:+1: hope that will be fixed.

For now, I reported in our issue tracker :frowning:

@b23v as you are looking the renderer code (render queue, optimization, etc.) do you already know why this issue affects the “final” software renderer, but not the “preview” one?

When I remove the DraftTransformation optimizer, I get the same issue in preview as well. I removed Transformation optimizer, and the issue was still there. So the optimizer isn’t the problem. The thing is that DraftTransformation sets the interpolation to nearest, which by default is cubic.

I think the issue is that cubic resample is broken(I am not sure since that is not part of the bisected commit). If I force it to be nearest resample(on this line) then also it works.

Edit: Changing rectangle layers blend method to alpha works. Not really sure why it breaks with Alpha Brighten. The only difference between final and preview renderer is the use of DraftTransformation optimizer, which sets the interpolation mode to nearest instead of cubic.

Edit 2: I think I found the issue, it might be a floating point precision issue with Alpha Brighten and Darken.

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Similar thing with backdrop.sif example. Look at the mountains, in the final render they are offset and double. Another weird thing is that the second frame changes color and alpha when changing zoom in viewport.



Final different zoom level:

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Welp, looks like I’m late to the party :upside_down_face:

But I do think your discovery seems very convincing and I might have looked at the wrong place. I tried doing an extensive search and found something, yet now I’m not sure if I was even close to get it right… (yeah I got lost while searching the source of my issue, not gonna lie :sweat_smile:)

But for now let’s just sort this one out first and see if it affects the other one as well~

Edit: Should I write an addendum on my issue thread?.. :no_mouth:

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