[bug] file format vrsion in 0.63.00

the save n save as dailog do not update in 0.63.00. since we introduced advnced outline layer sh that we have to mark files created with this version as a new file format version,isnt it?

i am trying to fix it and will upload the patch for ur review once it is tested on my system.


uhg, I totally forgot that area.
How should we deal with that? Save in older formats is coded when a layer type has a parameter that has been removed in previous versions (like the Time Loop layer) so the user can save the layer with the old parameters and keep the layer working.
In this case the layer is completely new. Save the file in a old format would imply to:
a) Discard the current Advanced Outline layer
b) Replace it by a regular outline layer with some values on its own format… but which values?

I never has understood the canvas versioning because the layers are modules (they just need to implement the common interface) and as modules you can plug it or not. Usually all the modules are plugged in but maybe someone is not implemented. Layers save and load operations should be core independent because they have its own vocabulary (the parameters they use and the name and type of them).

It is true that for homogeneity, it is needed to have a new version included in the save dialog. But I think that there is not need to modify the canvas version.

Maybe I’m wrong, but it is the way I understood all this mess when I studied the core code. :slight_smile:


reported at bug tracker, the ID: 3312548, the patch is attached there as well.

and sorry, I make a duplicated bug report (ID 3312544), please just ignore this one.

thanks Genete for you sharing this synfig code knowledge :slight_smile: so my patch is not a real patch for this issue. :blush:

Yeah, patch is fine. Thanks!!!
I will apply to master and will be out on 0.63.01 soon.