[Bug] Cannot Undo, Select (to Delete) or Erase Sketch Tool Strokes

After drawing with the Sketch tool Undo is not available. It cannot be selected with the selection tool to be deleted. And there does not seem to be a way to erase it.

Right after Posting i noticed there is a separate area for it.


  • Add Sketch Tool events to undo history, like most people would expect. I think it would be more useful to treat it like the Pencil Tool in Flash and let the User decide if they want to use it for drawing or lock its own layer if they need to keep it separated. Ive been a Flash animator for ages so maybe im a snob about this stuff (hehe) but I do think it would help to make that tool Synfig’s version of the Pencil Tool. It just feels a little un-intuitive and unusual in its current state.