budding motion


I am stuck at a budding animation I’ like to do. I have a circular bline, and I would like to animate it to become bigger then split into two circles. How can I do it?

Create the final shapes first and just overlap them at the start of animation. The most difficult part is the transition, because if you want to recreate some sort of ‘blob’ or fracture of the initial circle then it would need more work for your side. Something like this:
blob.sifz (39.1 KB)
animation is a bit rude because I didn’t have time to smooth it enough.

hello bayater and welcome here,

you can also create the initial circle with two splines…
mitose.sifz (4.55 KB)

Other option is using the metaballs layer.

At first, it appears a one-colour background. The key was to activate the “Positive Only” parameter, and Eureka!
metaballs1.sifz (982 Bytes)

Always wondered what metaballs did. Yay for Synfig’s obscure features. :laughing:

Well, thank you everyone for the great help…
I couldn’t open “blob.sifz” because it crashes Synfig every time I try to launch it… :slight_smile: I will try again later.

using metaballs is really interesting, but the approach in “mitose.sifz” could be practical for complex spline shapes…

Thanks again everyone!
keep up the good work :slight_smile:

My fault! I used a development version to create it! I don’t had time to install the stable version. Btw, what’s the current version you’re using?

Hello Genete,

I apologize for the super late reply… I’m using the 0.64.1 version (I think it is still the latest release)

Certainly you cannot open it with 0.64.1. I’m sorry.