Broken onion skin in synfig 1.3.14

Hi. I’m having trouble viewing onion skins. Skins are showing but only show previous frames NOT previous KEYFRAME. I understand they are supposed to show past and future keyframes. For example here is a circle with 3 keyframes

Going to 1s wont show skin of frame at 0s but instead shows frame at 23f

Same issue for keyframe at 2s. Skin shown is for normal frame at 1s 23f not for 1s keyframe.

Onion skins are enabled for one past keyframe.

Hi, your screen is only 1366px wide, onion skin options are in the little arrow on the right of “Low Res”.
BUT even cliking on it you will not see the options for previous/next frames.
You have to remove the panels from the right side (or reduce the width of the panels on both right and left side) to see the 2 input boxes.

Peek 2020-07-14 21-26

And you can still modify these values in Canvas MetaData panel :wink:

I did enable onion skins but they are not showing the correct keyframes. Instead they are showing the previous normal frames not keyframes.
Take a look at the metadata panel showing onion skin enabled for 2 past keyframes.

Yet going to 2s you see that onions for 0s and 1s are not shown. Apparently it is showing onions for 1s22f and 1s23f

But these are obviously not keyframes in this file.
Here’s the test file I’m using:
onion_test.sifz (1.3 KB)

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okaaaay… I think i know what you meant.

So… instead of displaying past n-Keyframes, the onion skin is displaying past n-Frames from the current time of the animation (with n is the number that you put in metadata’s onion_skin_past). And probably the same goes for future onion skins.

I checked this in stable version 1.2.2, and yes, the onion skin worked correctly in there as how it supposed to be (but still, it can get broken pretty easily on some cases; i.e. when i typed more than one onion skin in onion_skin_future or past)

Although i don’t know what caused it (i don’t know much about coding after all~)

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Yes. You’ve described the issue much more clearly than I could. Thanks

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you’re welcome, tawatoons! ^-^

oh, by the way, i’ve sent an issue ticket to Synfig’s github for this one. And the dev had responded.
Apparently this issue was caused by the code rewriting on synfig’s onion skin that is still not completed yet (and it still needs to be improved).

you can check the github issue ticket over here, in case you need more info from the dev or just want to track down the progress:
(you can find his reply in the first comment)



You can arrange the interface to your liking, without having to remove any panel. So what you can do (until we have another option) to edit the onion layer values is use the Canvas MetaData panel.

You can enable-disable it and change both values (past and future)