BOUNTY-Episode 1-part-1 (test video)

HEYa!.this my project im working on! its an anime style animation using some of the available opensource programs like SYNFIG STUDIO!
ill be honest i used other programs such as Inkscape( for SVG ),Photoshop (for painting backgrounds), Powerdirector(for final video editing).
But almost all of the animations are done using synfig alone!

its just a test video and its still lacking: Voice acting and a quality audio!
i need help on that !^^

anyways, i hope you like it! and im still working on the second part and the other parts haha! i got busy with my school tho ^^.

Great work!

The cuts in black seem to me too much long, but there are really good takes at the end.

You must try GIMP and Krita. They are excellent editors and painters.

For video editing, I suggest you KDEnLive. It is very good.

thanks for the comment! i need that for the revisions!..

il try to use those programs that u mention…

Damn it, your work is very cool. Even if I don’t like anime much, I still enjoy it!

What is good:

  1. Work with sound is on a very high level. It does not sound rough and add an additional atmosphere to the animation.
  2. Special effects. Intro (I already said that intro is awesome in my previous post), that old-style cinema stuff, date appearance, explosion.
  3. Background images are beautiful (it’s actually a strong side in anime).
  4. Dynamic animation. Movement of the woman, that guy in the sky. Feels natural.

What is not-so-good:

  1. Light and shadow is… a little messy. Let’s take a 3:24 moment, for example. A woman’s hair is totally black and it shouldn’t be, 'cuz there’s a light from the sun. No shadow under eyes, mouth, cheeks, so the face is sort of flat. In a previous 3:21 moment, there’s some shadow and light, but they look too rough.

Keep up an amazing work!

thank you very much! for that comments.
it will surely help me in improving my work!

-yeah! i have to agree with the light and shadow issues. i did not put much attention into it.T.T

  • and as for the hair stuff…im not reallly quite into giving it the light band coz i wanted to be something unique…but i guess it did not work out so well…as u have said it must have light and shadows,i will apply that one in the next part of my animation…thanks a lot!

keep it up … don’t let go for minor school things, and, maybe you can use it somewhere in your school project ? :wink:

i think you should create a dedicated thread if you really need an audio help on your project…

hhehehe…yeah…school first!.LOL

perhaps i should start a thread.the audio part is quite difficult for me…
anyway thanks!

I second this suggestion. I used KDEnLive to edit a few more recent videos, and it works better than one I’ve been using prior to switching.
Anyway, I really like how this looks so far! it feels like it’s building up to something pretty big, and I’m looking forward to what it could possibly be. I actually think the beginning part works better without narration.

oh thanks!..i may look onto that editing stuff!..

…hmmmm…anyways thanks for the comments…i really appreciate that!. i hope i can finish my project as soon as possible >hehe