bones and spline tool

Hi. Here is the question,
I have imported my artwork in synfig in order to animate it. Now in order to animate it I have outlined its different moving parts in different layers of spline. But unlike another tool, skeleton deformation which automatically moves the artwork below the bones, the skeleton tool if combined with the vertices of the selected area only moves the outline which i have splined. Is there any way that the spline outline automatically takes the area of the artwork below(fills the inside of the outline with the part of the artwork just below the outline) it so that i can animate the artwork, not just move the splined outline?

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The skeleton only affects the vertices of the outline and region layers that are manually linked to its bones either by using link to skeleton or link to bone. If the area of artwork underneath the outline spline is a png then it can’t be linked to the bones of the skeleton unless you use like you mentioned skeleton deformation. You can however combine the two and link the bone of the skeleton to the bones of the skeleton deformation so that the skeleton takes care of your splined outlines and the deformation takes care of the pixel artwork. The video in the link is an example of how you link skeleton bones with deformation bones. It would be easier to address your problem if you attach your sifz file.

thanks for answering my question