Bone Layer Not Registering On Timeline

Hello! Grateful for any help… I’ve had a string of problems throughout the day and have been Googling and Googling…

I had my biggest problem working out how to add multiple characters with individual bone layers to a backdrop - so now the two have basic bones and are both “imported” and “opened” in order to make them so I can manipulate them… Not ideal but it works. The problem I have now is that I can move transforms (characters) around my scene - but any change I make to the positions of arms (bones) etc is unrecognised - it doesn’t affect keyframes - 00 - 05s is affected uniformly…

I have looked, so apologies if its a dumb post.

Thanks in advance


Hmm, hard to say what’s happening. If you are in animation mode they should show up in the timeline of the skeleton. Can you share the sifz file?

Hi Daroberts,
and welcome to the forum. Pls attach the two sifz files of the rigged characters as well.