Bone animation

Maybe we could make Bone animation for Synfig?

Let me explain. Currently making good animation for character, e.g. walk cycle can be hard if character has many bline points and/or uses additional shapes for shading.

The thing I propose is to add Armature/Skeleton type of object (like Armature in Blender). How it’ll work? Well we would have window (it can be even in object’s parameters) where we would select which objects would be affected by skeleton. Then by moving points of skeleton we would also move nearest points of assigned objects (radius of movement would be customizable). Kinda like proportional movement in Blender (under O key).

A 50% coded bone development for Synfig is already done but not available on the stable branch. It needs someone that implement the other 50% (the GUI).

If that’s the case, it’s good. I’d implement GUI, but unfortunately, I am not so good with c++ (I can’t C well, so I stick with simpler languages like Python, (Object) Pascal or BASIC :wink: ).

A great opportunity to learn C++ then! :wink:

There is some bones emulation possible with stickman template. Here’s the tutorial -