Bomb and explosions

Hi guys,

I’ve been experimenting on making explosions (both realistic and cartoonish) and glad to share the result. I also discovered this topic about making 3D objects and wanted to test it. Pretty cool stuff, but it’s very hard to work with.
Anyway, here’s the result animation:

The source of this work is available, but has some effects disabled to make the project loads faster. You can enable them in Synfig’s sets. There are a lot of keyframes and waypoints, so if you want to start from the clean state, you can use this script: viewtopic.php?f=33&t=9953
The source: … ile%2csifz

P.S. I’ve finally mastered that invented-by-aliens-from-deep-space Blender’s interface (sort of, it’s impossible to actually master it) to use it as a video editor! It means, I now use only open source tools to create my animations (OS doesn’t count as a tool, right?). So… Yeah :smiley:

Very cool. Would love to see a tutorial. I may do one when I understand it but it would be in Spanish though.
Thanks for sharing.
Ah, and I think Blender video editor is the best open source alternative.

Thanks, man! Unfortunately, I can’t start working on a tutorial anytime soon, because there’re still a lot of things to learn about Synfig and that’s more important to me now. I guess, I’ll do some tutorials after I finish my ‘Wolf’s head’ test and complete my first cartoon.

great experiments … are you preparing something so special for the wolf :wink: ? bigboombirthday ?

Ha-ha, no, I am not that cruel… Poor wolf guy is already suffering from my incompetence and still doesn’t have a body, so no way I am gonna blow him apart or anything like this :slight_smile:

But I am actually working on a project where one explosion will be necessary. It’s a short cartoon with that kind of silly humor (can’t reveal more details for now).