Blur layer doesn't accept Straight Blend Method

I’ve seen several times this problem but never get it completely defined.

  1. Create a Circle
  2. Create a Blur layer

since the blur layer default method is Composite, you just add the blurred version of the context (the circle in the example) composed with the context. If you want a higher blurred version of your circle you increase the blur size.
Newbies users can be disassapointed to the result of increase the blur size because higher is the blur, lower is the effect. It is due to the Blur layer “adds content to the context and doesn’t replace it”. Well, to solve that you can modify the blend method of the blur layer to Straight, so the only visible part is the blurred version of the context.
But here comes the problem: it is not possible to modify the blend method of blur layer to Straigth …(!). You can set it to any other value but Straigth seems to be not accepted. There are some workarounds for this like convert the Blend Method parameter to scale and give it a value of 1 (=Straight).

So I wish:

  1. Please confirm this behavior in different platforms
  2. Please check whether this odd behavior is happening on other layers also. I believe that it is not a problem of the blur layer only.

Luckily someone can find a solution for that strange bug.

When someone else confirms the behavior I’ll open a bug tracking on SF.


I’ve tried to add a circle, a blur layer and set the blur layer to Straight : it seems to work here (I see only the blured circle without the original under).

Please, operating system and if you know it, GTK version installed.

Hey yeah, you’re right… this seems to be peculiar to the blur layer - the radial blur layer accepts “straight” without any problems

(ubuntu 9.04 btw)

Ubuntu 9.10 64bit- default GTK