I used all Bline Lines. I’m remaking a character, and I really like the effect of using the Bline Tool. I was thinking of black hair, but I’m open to any other suggestion. I hope to finish it tonight, or tomorrow. Thanks for all the Bline tips Genete!

Yes - that looks much smoother - more refined. Your angular stuff is quite eye-catching in its uniqueness, but seems very simplistic when compared to the depth of some of the moody scenes you’re trying to portray.

Much better using BLines.
Also I like your straight color selection and combination using polygons or Blines. It has a lot of force.
You transmit emotion man!


Thanks for the response. I have become familiar enough with blines now to at least use them correctly, or so I think, heh. I guess it would be a good idea to do a project that shows use of all the functions within Synfig. A collaboration of most of the techniques used to make a professional looking piece, animation included. Thanks for all the support! :wink: