i got the program blender so i can use it to make some modles in some video game designing stuff i have and a thought occured to me: can you imort things from blender into synfig? and if so is there somthing special you have to do because i know there is for the video game stuff. i am sorry if this question has been answered in some previous post but i didn’t find it.

As far as I know: yes and no. Blender models, as such, you can’t import into Synfig - they’re 3d, and Synfig only handles 2d. You can certainly render images and import images into Synfig, but not models. Of course, anything you render in Synfig you can also import into Blender either as a still image or as a video.

okay so you can import from synfig into blender but not the other way around? and if so, one that’s lame, and two is there something else you can make like 2d modles in and import them into synfig… because i find that makeing characters for example, like humans and such, to extremly tedious and i can never get them to look right for me, i generly don’t use the bline tool because i just don’t like how it looks, and getting the shapes in the right place and looking the right way takes forever! it would be so much easier if there was an easy to use character makeing program or somthing… at least it would be in my opinion, especially for new people like me… hmmm sort of went off topic there… sry but if you do know of an 2d blender type thing then please let me now… especially if it’s fairly easy to use.

No, You can import images, image sequences, and videos into both blender and synfig. And that’s the only thing you can really share between the two programs
There is a program called makehuman, which makes 3D models you can use in blender - but that is for 3D
hope that helps

ps, in my experience, any animation software that is easy to use, doesn’t do much… if you want quality, you need to put in some effort and learn to draw, i’m afraid to report:)

We have in mind to create a Synfig resources repository. This way people can share pre made models, effects and compositions in a structured and easy browsing way. Current resources are scattered on the forum, so you have to digg it to get some examples.

Nothing is more satisfying than draw your own characters and animate them. Recently my 12 years old son did his second serious approximation to Synfig Studio. Althoug he doesn’t draw very well, he was able to create the characters exactly the way he drawed on the paper. He is willing to animate a 40 pages comig he has just finished… Mr Banana Adventures!. Do you have an interesting story in mind? draw it! ^___^

saorsa: okay good to know thank you very much.
genete: that would be great if there was a place to share all that stuff hwere it was all in one place, i think many people would really benifit from it. and yes actually i do have a very good story in mind, the secrets of droon, it’s actually a book series by Tony Abbott that read and fell in love with when i was little, disapointingly there is no cartoon series for it so that is my big goal for animation… and by draw it do you mean on paper or on the computer?

thank you both very much for your help it is much appreciated!

It is up to you use the computer directly or paper and pencil to create the primary artwork.

okay thank you both so much for your asistance, expertise, and patince with one who is so new to animation.

Here is a nice making of video showcasing Blender and Synfig being used together: … el-ad.html

Along with Pencil.

cool thanks, i’ll have to watch it later though but if i have any q’s i’ll ask.