best way to render?


I was just wondering which rendering method is best for making a 480p/720p/1080p animation that can be used for example on youtube?

I tried yuv420p but the animated file started to buffer each time I used it with VLC and WMP which was a little bit annoying

any suggestions?

Render to avi format using ffmpeg as target and a video bit rate higher than 2000 and Xvid as video codec. If no ffmpeg available as valid target, use png sequence and then import the image sequence to Avidemux(Avidemux has 25 fps by default for image sequence) or Virtualdub.
Any other video editor would be valid if it suits your needs.


that worked perfectly!

I forgot to ask one question though…

I have difficulties sometimes to render a clip.

no rendered file appears even if I get the message “File rendered successfully” in the bottom left corner of the synfig window

am I doing anything wrong? am I forgetting anything?

Have you defined the path for the saved rendered file? or did you accepted the default one? Some times user doesn’t look where file is.
Does it happen for any kind of target type (png, ffmpeg, gif) or just for one of them?

it happens almost every time… mp4, avi, mov

every format I try

I have changed the path several times but still nothing…

No, no, not the file extension. I mean the target renderer (ffmpeg, png, yuv420p, gif, jpeg) from the drop down menu.

You can choose some different file extensions for the same target. For example you can render to avi or to mp4 using ffmpeg target. Also there is a Automatic target selector based on file extension but maybe some extensions doesn’t work well.

Oh sorry…

that happens with ffmpeg.

If I remember correctly, ffmpeg binaries are not included in windows installer for security reasons. Please install ffpmeg binaries and make it available at the executable path of your system.


1st question: how come it works sometimes and sometimes not, if they aren’t installed?

2nd question: how do do I install them and how do I make the them available?

They are bundled with the Windows binary. It’s an option to install ffmpeg, but the option is to do so by default.

For Windows Vista and Win7, you might want to check where you think you’re saving your file to. Some locations are guarded by Windows (e.g. c:\Program Files (x86)\Synfig\bin or c:) Windows will lie and say it has saved a file there (and through the Synfig file dialog it may even pretend to show it where you think it ought to be), but in fact will save it to a ‘safe’ place - you’ll have to use search to find it through the file manager. Saving to your documents dir or desktop is usually safe.
The other thing to watch out for may be using special characters in the filename.

I see… I never done this before… is it difficult to install them?

Ps. I’m an old fasion type of guy so I’m still using win XP. :wink:

Unless you changed any of the defaults, it should be installing ffmpeg for you. Check to see if there’s a ffmpeg.exe in your c:…whatever…\synfig\bin directory.

I checked and I have the ffmpeg.exe file in the synfig\bin directory