Best format for embedding in Powerpoint (2007 in preference)

Hello everyone,

I use Synfig to create scientific animations to include in my presentations. I used to render and save my animations as .AVI
however, this format poses some challenges:

  1. I need to keep the file in the folder of the powerpoint presentation
  2. more importantly, when the file starts playing, there is a black background lag that appears at the beginning and at the end of the movie.

hence, I was wondering what format would you recommend for a smooth start in powerpoint without losing the quality I get with an AVI? would animated GIF be a good alternative?

I can’t see that none of the two exposed problems are related to Synfig Studio. Once you export the animation to AVI it is the other application what handles that AVI the responsible of play it properly.

Does that black background lag appear when you play the animation on one video player?

Regarding to the problem of need to have the animation in the same folder than the Powerpoint presentation, the GIF format would give you the same problem.


hello again,

you are right, and I never meant that there is a problem with Synfig. My intention was just to take opinions of fellow users about best formats for powerpoint embedding.
But now I realize that it might not be the proper forum to discuss that :slight_smile: so, sorry if it was a waste of your time

but thanks for the advice