Beginning of a project

help! i need good souls to bring a project to completion!
musicians,video editor,animator
open source of my life works and actualities mixed with political/social/philosophy/humour
room for others ideas
contact me!
sur facebook!

is your offer still valid
I can’t speaking english
and I know how to use synfig, but I’ve just started animating

yes my offer still stands!
if you do not speak english, you speak french?
if not we will have to comunicate with " graphics"
–designs, animation

do you have something i can see?

non, je ne sais pas français non plus.
es-tu français.
J’utilise google traduction maintenant.
Existe-t-il un lieu de discussion en dehors du Forum Synfig?

Avoid Native1 <-> Native2 on Google translate
Use only Native <-> English, it is more accurate :wink:

yes i am french!
i use framasphere for social network
but we can communicate anywhere you wish to…
we can do it here ,also with pm if you want to keep it private!
and we can keep it to a minimun! :slight_smile:
what i would like to see …is what you are doing
or what you would like to do!
live a link…please.

What is framasphere.
Do fe benefit.
What should i do

you can contact me here
[email removed]
Edit BobSynfig: please use direct message functionalities