Because I'm easily distracted....

Rather than finishing my August challenge entry, here’s something else I’ve been tinkering with…

Dark colours are intentional to add to the mood. It’s part of a 6 scene story. I can’t decide to whether to animate as I go or wait until all the stills are done.



A great background and a well done actor. I ask what the hell he carries in the bag… :slight_smile:

Have you think about convert the scene in a b/w? I think with that type of draw the b/w gives a more “realistic” and dark sensations to the viewers.

Here is a test about that:

At colour scene the actor is not very defined, because the type of coloring of the bottom distract to the viewer… in b/w (and with blur, of course) the actor can be defined. In b/w you can play with the shadows, too:

I hope see that animation, soon.

Nice drawings pixelgeek! Any hints about the story? :smiley:


I would say wait till all the stills are done. I do storyboards myself as it helps to get things worked out before I start the animation.

Thanks Fenix - That’s exactly what I was thinking. My thoughts were that it would be easy to colour it in to more easily see which shapes I’m working with, and then drop a desaturate layer on top. Definitely blur for the background to provide DOF. I was toying with rain or fog, but that may be in version two once I have the basics down. Yes, it’s all about what’s in the bag - there’ll probably be a close up of that in the next shot.

Genete - Nope, no clues on the story. It has a surprise ending, and I don’t want to give it away… But lets just say it’s pretty depressing, set in a bleak future…

Thanks Zielvos. I’ll probably do that. I already have the scenes mapped out in pencil - I suspect that doing them as stills in Synfig will keep me motivated to keep it going better.

Here’s panel 2 - not the sort of person you’d want to run into in a dark alleyway.