Basic custom switch controller tutorial


Quick tutorial to make custom switch controllers in Synfig based on the Morevna Project tutorial video.

  • Make a 12 point red star.

  • On top of the red star make a yellow 3 point star.

  • Select the yellow star and Grey out the Origin, Inner and Outer Radius points (right click on the points and convert them to Greyed).

  • Leave the blue Angle point as it is.

  • Select the folder that contains the drawings to be switched (in the attached example it is the hands folder).

  • In the parameters panel switch on ZRange.

  • Right-click on ZRange Position and convert it to Integer.

  • Click the little triangle next to ZRange Position to open it and right click on Link and export the value and name it switch-pos or whatever.

  • Select the yellow star.

  • In the Parameters Panel right click on Angle and convert it to Scale.

  • Click on the little triangle next to Angle to open it and convert the link to Integer and change the amount in Scalar to 30.

  • Click on the little traingle next to Link to open it and connect the second link to the exported switch-pos value.

Your switch controller is now active. Rotate the controller to change the hand shapes in the hands folder.

Link to the Morevna Project tutorial video:
switch.sifz (14.4 KB)

Hello hope you are doing well? I have a question that how to use a UI Presentation Controller for slick custom presentations? Any help would be appreciated.

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