Basic Bone Tutorial-Explanation n°2 additional

Hi everybody, I just read this tutorial from the Synfig wikia:
I tried to do the same as the example in the “Explanation n°2 additional”, but it not worked, so, may someone can explain to me how to do the leg so the “parts” can do all rotation movements with the joints correctly patched? I must add that I have no problems with the first part of the tutorial, but I am missing something to do the second part.
Hope someone can aid me. Thanks in advance.

Hi Eduardo,
the principle is simple and the same for all articulations:

  • a front part (thigh, arm)
  • a rear part (leg, forearm)

Both front an rear parts are the same “width” at the junction.
Front part is truncated.
Rear part is rounded, with outline.

The crosshair is just a way to help for placement:
Align the crosshair’s center with the rear part pivot
Align the crosshair’s bottom line with the cut line of front part.

Don’t forget to move the green dot of the rear part to be on the center of the crosshair (control-mouse left, move)
Each part has to be placed in a different group, then the group of the rear is placed inside the one of front.
That’s all :slight_smile:

Hi, BobSynfig, thank you so much for your response. I’m currently rediscovering Synfig Studio and I know that knowing how to use it, you can do marvelous animations. I will try again following your explanation, so again, thank you so much.