To create good in my opinion not enough that the Sketch is great for a correction of something that is missing?
Missing Background in Blender (3D animation program), there is a long time as the pictures show:

But in the blender used to string the vertices in the building and then just a front and side and then a single image!

Not that Synfig is for vector animation! It needs a background, but a little different! It must be able to load the sequences (which in contrast to Avi remain without change of image quality and always editable), and have used a command to load the correct sequence (the sequences are a series of jpg or png images with a numbered naming that open automatically as movies), here an 'image as:

Example sequences inzip
If you load some Avidemux ken0000.jpg, the rest are loaded as a movie, good for the bakground quality and editing

At the moment, they can be trouble with Image Import, but you can do things! (1000 KB)

I’m not sure I quite understand your concern, but I think that what you’re looking for is the list importer. Check out and see if this is what you’re thinking of?


I understand!
But if I can!
The circle method but it works though:

  1. L ‘import image may not comply with the proportions given that there are options to adapt to’ image (or at least it seems)
  2. is a good method of “lis!” But the negative was that we must work on fixed time-frame every 4 fps! and if after 5 frames that is to say 20 seconds I want to use 22 seconds for the 4 frames it should load all over again …

I think it would be better to add parameters or image import tool options and the options to adapt the image (like scribus frames for pictures) and has a menu scrolling image frames to get the frames right when you want without reloading … and it should be better than now, even without Background!

I also came to mind, but you can import audio files like Mp3 or Wav to animate adjusted with the sound? Pencil it is also Blender

There has been a recent change in SVN that allows select to keep the original aspect of the imported image (sequence) or fit to the current canvas.

Just modify the .lst file and add at the beggining: FPS 25 or what ever fps your animation was exported to image sequence. Read this.

The background in the image is just a question of the image creator. Create them in a transparent canvas in your favorite raster editor and the background would disappear when imported.

No sound yet in Synfig. We need help! :slight_smile:

Ok! to help put the party in half 's argument is useful

  1. It would be helpful if you create the Keyframes Anime all’automatico together to create and remove them without ruining the animation and move too

  2. would be useful for a way to snap in Inkscape, so as to magnetically attach the vertices and the curves

  3. this effect perhaps to arms as Simpson would be useful!

  4. Of course there is no sound!
    for this thing, you can use Audacity which allows you to check the time of the case of sound, then just make the same sounds all 'animation!

For 3) we have that effect - it’s a layer called Curve Warp (under Distortions) in Synfig. Genete and Dooglus are working on Bones, so you can do the same thing at a vector level too.

Do you have a Youtube link that shows the effect you’re looking for in (2)?


ok! The second, which then would be the snap is this:
the vertices and the tracks are attracted to each other!
This would be useful for motlo not care beyond the lines!

And I have made a determination that this is
and I noticed that the track goes to contorcere at some point!

If there is a better way maybe already existing I do not know you could use the snap not to cross the lines and do not twist!

Post the file or a close up shot of the problem with the bline selected. It would allow us understand what’s the effect you want to avoid and how to.

From what I can see, it looks like the tangent at the corner of the mouth is getting twisted around the wrong way. You might want to take a look at that, and/or look at making that point have split tangents to get a sharp corner.

I noticed this twisting too. Dooglus fixed a bug related to this “wrong way” twisting a couple of months ago. I don’t know if that was before or after the 0.61.09 release. Or if it is related…


the link of the file!
In fact you should review and frame to frame as an alternative to the eyes and mouth can be used distortions but not safely avoid the braids!

But the door does not suggest obligation:
would be an appreciable level type Geometry>> Outline but which has properties of Soft Body (the word is used in Blender and explained “here”)and in practice is linked to levels “region” or its top in contact with a level or path normally it does deform the masch … would be useful for drops that fall, slide profile, dropping clothes etc. … if it would be useful in combination with the warp to move the eyes and mouth, which surely does not intersect …

and here 's how to combine individual summits including the handlebars with a single click links or other command? would be useful if there 'is …

Regarding to the mouth problem it is just a thing on setup of the keyframe.
As you can see in the original keyframe “boca semichussa” the length of the tangents are excessive large for the distance between one blinepoint and the following one.

So it is not related to the twisted tangent problem.

That’s good to hear…


… ok! But if I can only pin I I agreements with the video and 'intersection occurred in frame automatically! more attention but I do remember what I said that I do not believe Synfig little better … especially the soft body! Keep only the present (which can then be that someone like me as even the possibility that there is!) :smiley: