Background Importance

So I nicked an image and decided to make a character that i’ll animate later. Now of course this shows the importance of having two different art styles in animation, but that depends on what your aiming for. So i’m probably going to again try my 3D background concept again. :cry:

Oh no … did you will again try to kill someone ?

Nota: take care of the shadow, the background and character’s one do not match for both orientation and dissipation.

Kill someone? I have no idea what your talking about… :unamused:
But yea I know stealing a super computer only to install it in my brain isn’t the brightest of ideas, but I kind of like it I just need to tweak the shadows on the character a bit since I’m trying to go for the shadow difference between the background and characters. Unfortunately my current project is too far ahead before I tried this so it won’t be using this technique :confused: